Business Writing Essentials

 “Be concise.” Su Dongpo poet (1037-1101)


Proof’s tailored workshops in business writing essentials cover a broad range of writing topics designed to help you draft clear and concise copy that people actually want to read.

Topics covered include emailing for business, writing newsletters, brochure writing and drafting b2b press releases.

Who should attend?

Our business writing workshop is ideal for anyone tasked with writing company brochures, newsletters, blogs or sales emails. It’s a tailor-made one-day workshop built using some of the modules listed below.

 What you will learn

  • Business writing essentials
  • What’s in it for me – the reader’s perspective
  • Planning and structuring your copy
  • Getting the first sentence read
  • How to draft persuasive business emails
  • Driving a call to action
  • Marketing copy
  • Attention grabbing headlines and the importance of sub-headings
  • A fine balance – delivering your message but keeping the reader engaged
  • Writing clearly and concisely
  • Using images and graphics


*Currently all of our courses are conducted on Zoom and are split into 90 minute sessions